Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Pinterest Will Evolve for Business Marketing

Pinterest will be the hottest social media platform for business marketing…in a year from now. 

Despite the hype and the record-breaking growth rates, as it exists today, Pinterest is not ready for business marketers; the demographics are wrong, the categories are too consumer focused, and there are significant copyright and measurement issues to overcome.   

As it stands today, Pinterest is following the “next big social media thing” strategy of getting the audience first, and figuring out the business model later.  That audience for now is mostly women, who are, as Ryan Deshazer, VP of Search and Social at GSW Worldwide described in a recent post, doing “social scrapbooking.”  However, within that audience there are also business decision makers.

As Pinterest’s internal analytics capabilities evolve those business decision makers will become known, and when they do, the marketers will follow.   As a result, Pinterest could quickly become the best social platform available for business-to-business content marketers. 

While other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, are mostly content distributors (sharing), Pinterest’s platform has the potential to offer far more value as a content aggregation and curation tool, as well as a content destination and repository.   Here’s why:
  • Scalability and Scanability – the rate of which new content is being added to the “www” is mind-boggling.  According to Hubspot, 70% of bloggers add new content weekly or daily, 500,000 new posts are added everyday alone on   As a result, it’s becoming more difficult to find high quality, relevant content.  The “internet” must evolve in order for audiences to navigate faster through this growing mass of content to find what they are looking for, which opens the door for Infographics and Pinterest.  By making content visual, it also makes it more scanable.  The average person reads between 200 to 300 words per minute, but visually it takes only 1/20th of a second to process an image.  Pinterest platform accelerates the process by aggregating and organize images by category or theme making it easy to search. 
  • Valuing Content – business marketers are constantly wrestling with trying to understand the value of their content (relevancy, insight, utilization, etc.) based on how and when it’s consumed by various audience segments.  Lacking a closed loop system to provide feedback, it’s been difficult to know exactly what resonates, with what audience, and why. Curating content naturally within Pinterest provides marketers the opportunity to capture deeper insights into audience consumption habits.   For example, business marketers tend to organization content along the “buying process,” which is typically defined by steps within the sales process.  Marketers may find that business audiences within Pinterest organize and consume content by categories defined as “applications” -- how they intend to use the product, and not how they will buy it.  This insight could help define the real purchase path and key influences along that journey.    
  • Audience Insight - lastly, and perhaps most interesting, will Pinterest have the ability to provide “affinity data”?  As Scott Bayer, CTO of Baynote wrote“individual pinning choices are interesting, but there is even greater opportunity to analyze segments of people who express an affinity for a product or category in aggregate.” 
If available, this information could allow marketers to create new segmentation clusters based on common interests, which could help improve messaging and targeting.  “Clustering” could identify brand advocates, key influencers and connectors, local “hot spots” and new ideas for reaching them.   

While we still have some time before Pinterest evolves there are few things to consider now:
  1. Integrate “Pin it” button into your website - it will do nothing for conversions, but it may drive some traffic that could provide some insight.
  2. Make your content more visual – if content marketing is part of your marketing plans,  experimenting using Infographics (visit Visual.lyfor a starting point).
  3. Experiment – whether or not you’re a believer in social media platforms, the fact remains that Twitter and Facebook have impacted how we go to market.  Pinterest also holds the same potential to change the way we create, produce and consume content.  Start to brainstorm on what that change might be and/or what you might like to change given its functionality. 
I realize that there are skeptics out there, I might even be one, but as we’ve learned with other social media platforms, if you don’t think it’s valuable tool, then you’ll be right…it won’t.  Pinterest holds great potential for business marketers, but that “potential” will only realized by those who seek to define it by experimenting…or dare I say, “pin it.”  

Monday, July 30, 2012

SEO Research Story

Intro - SEO Good afternoon judges, faculty, members of the 7th District. I am David Ford….I’m Carla Fulwider, I’m Alex DeJarnette, and I’m Andrew Stearns…. and we are Ellipsis. This year our client, JCPenney, has offered one of the most comprehensive and direct case studies the National Student Advertising Competition has ever seen. It comes as no surprise that JCPenney understands its customers, as they have been a leader in the retail industry for over a hundred years. Not only did this case offer a great deal of information but raised the bar and delivered a challenge to acquire an even greater understanding of the women in our target. It has built a very strong platform and demanded a very strong campaign in return. Objectives - Alex ETSU has created a campaign for JCPenney that is uniquely built on four fully integrated objectives that are key components to increasing market share and building lasting relationships among our target audience. It is important for JCPenney to emotionally connect with our target audience by building a relationship founded on meaningful experiences, constant communication, and delivering promises that we can keep. Through this campaign we will acquire females ages 25-34, regain female customers, increase shopping frequency and grow share of wallet among their current female customers. We have created a fourth objective that we feel is imperative for JCPenney to execute and that is to regain lost relationships with our target audience. SEO Research – Carla We analyzed the case study but we still wanted more! So we listened to these women. We knew the information wasn’t going to come to us, so we went to them. We found them (cue the gradual fade in of audio quotes) on SEOs, we read their tweets, and Facebook posts. We sifted through thousands of reviews. There are so many women out there, with so many of their own opinions, and we wanted to listen to every one of them. What they love, what they hate, how they feel. (audio loud enough to interrupt Carla and then fades out abruptly) What Women Want/Expect – (during this summary pages 2 & 3 will be shown) - Carla So what did we get from this? Women don’t miss a thing! They want to be heard and more importantly understood. They want their retail experience to mean something… adapt to their ever changing needs. They want to love something and tell each other all about it. They don’t want to waste any time. Each moment is different and they know what a difference one moment can make. Lifestyle Segments – David/Carla JCPenney presented the women of this audience to us through four lifestyle segments: Traditional, Classical, Trendy, and Modern. One of the most important things we learned about these women is that they don’t fit into any specific categories because they are constantly changing, even throughout the hours of their day. They embrace their unique identity and expect retailers to offer them fashions to fit their individuality. Instead of labels, we segmented women by lifestyle. We have independent women and women with families. They value different things and have different shopping habits. But they also have a lot in common. Our campaign focuses on the similarities. Both groups of women are relationship focused and look for the greatest value at the most affordable price. Our campaign seeks to form connections and cater to their shopping habits. By appealing to these women on a personal level and avoiding labels, JCP will rise above competitors (Show them visually) SWOT/Competition - Alex In order for us to understand what JCPenney could do better we had to understand what everyone else was doing right. And as quoted in the case study “the competitive environment for department stores has become fierce over the last several years as consumers desire more value, style, and quality.” During our research we spent hours listening as women vented their frustrations and talked about the brands they love. Learning about our competition gave us great insight into potential opportunities for growth and improvement for JCP. It also helped us to recognize threats within the marketplace. These are some of the key points we pulled from what they had to say. Target is well known for strong brand meaning among the younger women in our market. They are a key leader in brand choice, commitment, momentum, and leadership, as well as word of mouth. When it comes to style, quality and price perception Macy’s and Kohl’s are ahead of the game. Beyond price positioning, Kohl’s is also a leader when it comes to loyalty programs, promotions and buying incentives. While JCPenney has long been known to have one of the most successful online retail positions, department stores and mass discounters like Target and Walmart have recently been showing a strong web presence. All of these points are threats for JCP. In addition to these well known department store competitors our audience values the experiences associated with boutique style shops. These shops offer women intimate and individual-focused retail experiences, an offering that JCPenney must consider in attracting these women. Some of the benefits of the boutique experience include unique and exclusive brands, a sense of belonging to the lifestyles represented, and comfort in knowing you will find exactly what you are looking for. We really hit something here-- we saw that this boutique feel was a great opportunity for JCP. BRSM Everything we have learned from our research supports the necessity of building long lasting, meaningful relationships with these women. They value all of the relationships in their lives. That includes not only human relationships with others but the emotional ties they have to their belongings. As we considered our communication strategy we realized we had to incorporate and foster human relationship concepts. We looked through countless relationship models outlined in psychology and sociology, comparing and contrasting models to see how we could apply them in a branding context. The key point being the foundation of any great relationship is effective communication. Our research led to the development of our unique communication strategy, the Brand Relationship Strategy Model. It combines sociology and psychology models with elements of integrated marketing concepts. But really its as simple as A,B,C, and D. Attraction - Women This is the critical first impression...experiencing those first physical attractions...its that stage where the thought of him lingers and his smile flashes in your mind. You replay those first moments where your heart flutters and you have a yearning to know more. Attraction - Retail JCPenney has to create the same first impression. It begins with getting noticed. If the audience takes notice and begins to like the brand, continued attention may lead to the next stage. But be cautious, acquaintances can be pulled quickly into the dreaded “friend zone.” They like your brand, but that's as far as they’ve come. Creating a sense of appeal or seduction is paramount in becoming interesting enough for them to want more. Building - Women Now you like each other, the excitement has begun. You’re infatuated. You begin to let your guard down and start to include him in your life. He meets your friends and you begin to wonder how you got so lucky. Now we’re a couple. Building - Retail These women actually want your brand to be a part of their lives. This stage is all about learning more and finding ways to be mutually beneficial in each others’ lives. These women begin to see where JCPenney fits in. This lays a firm foundation for a long lasting relationship. Continuation - Women Now you’re comfortable. Your high settles and you’re able to just enjoy the relationship. This bond matters to you and you want it to work. Things are going well, but maybe they are a little complacent. This is where he must continue to show his appreciation by surprising her with continued affection. Continuation - Retail JCPenney must continue showing these women they can rely on their brand promises. They must continue to surprise her with incentives and special benefits that no one else will offer her. While this is a relatively long stable stage of the relationship, JCPenney must work harder than ever to stay relevant or they will lose her. Deterioration - Women This doesn't always happen but we have all been there. You start to have those unwelcome thoughts of “maybe it’s not right.” You feel taken for granted. You get bored, resentful, and you need some TLC. This is where he has to listen and respond. Deterioration - Retail In addition to JCPenney’s primary objectives for this campaign, we know that lost customers are not lost forever. JCPenney can reach out and regain those once loyal customers. These women left because they lost their trust in the brand. JCPenney will regain that trust. Our Big Move After this model was created, everything clicked. We built our strategy on the concepts of the BRSM and on what women value. Our fully integrated campaign will acquire, retain, increase share of wallet, and regain female shoppers ages 25-34 by establishing a meaningful relationship between these women and the JCPenney brand. To accomplish this, we will change the target audience’s perception of the JCPenney brand, making it relevant to her life by specifically addressing her needs and desires. Relevancy will be built on communication, trust, respect, and a mutually empathetic understanding. Ultimately, our campaign will show these women how JCPenney will empower them throughout their everyday lives. We know that our target audience values quality, price, convenience, and real relationships. We also understand that the motivating factor behind these values is something very simple--- time. Women are always looking for ways to save time and make every minute, every hour, and every day count. Not that they’re rushing though, they still need that intimate and trusting relationship to rely on. JCPenney can give these women ease and organization in their shopping experience by providing lasting products at reasonable prices all in an environment that is convenient and pleasing to them. Creating a relationship based on these concepts will make these women feel that JCP understands how to make their time worthwhile. Time--- valued above all else is of significance to each and every woman. Our big idea will focus on being empathetic to the lifestyles of our target audience. We will emphasize the importance of each hour of her day with the slogan “ITS YOUR 24” This slogan emphasizes the individuality of each woman. As any woman knows, the timeline of their day is not set in stone. Women take on many roles throughout each hour of their day. It’s your 24 recognizes the moments that shape the experiences of every day. Through each of those moments and through every transition a woman goes through, they can know that JCP just gets it. (Our “big idea” is based on time. We will focus on the various feelings, thoughts, accomplishments, and roles taken on by women throughout the day. Our campaign is empathetic and is lifestyle-oriented. We will emphasize the importance of each hour of her day with our slogan: “It’s Your 24.” The campaign will focus on our different lifestyle segments of women and how their relationships influence them. The women in our target audience are experiencing many important transitions in their lives: getting married, having children, graduating school, and beginning their careers. “It’s Your 24” will show women what they want, expect, and deserve from a retail experience while being empathetic to who they are throughout their busy day. Ultimately, we are paying homage to the fact that each woman is more than just her day job, or her night life. We will depict and recognize these women as the diverse, ever-changing, versatile individuals that each of them are while showing how JCPenney fits into each moment.) “It’s Your 24” will have two communication platforms: Lifestyle Branding This is our overall branding campaign focused on matching audience experiences and lifestyles with JCPenney. This is the central theme of our entire “It’s Your 24” campaign. We will always communicate an empathetic understanding of today’s women while connecting JCPenney with style. Lifestyle branding will not only focus on the lifestyle segments our research provided but will also address why JCPenney’s is the perfect choice when needing a registry. Research indicated to us how important registries are to our target and JCPenney offers expert advice and planning tools for the important transitions in these women’s lives. Becoming a part of these life-changing moments offers JCPenney another chance to create a lasting relationship with our target audience. Amazing Women Promotion This is a communication campaign designed to highlight the roles of women in our society adding authenticity. The general audience will have a chance to nominate women who accomplish amazing things in their own “24” hour day. JCPenney will sponsor the promotion of this endeavor through content creation, media partnerships and public relations. Our campaign tactics are based on two platforms. All tactics tie into one or both these platforms and seamlessly cater to what these women want and value. The first platform is lifestyle branding. Now that we understand these women, we know that to them, each moment matters. Print Tactic Our print ads will make a connection between our target audience focusing on the relationship between unique and busy women and JCPenney. Magazine demographics and communication platforms will determine the focus of each ad, and ultimately direct the audience to connect with JCPenney via mobile apps, internet, and in-store. A few media vehicle examples include Cosmopolitan, Glamour, In Style, People, Elle, and more as you can see behind me (image of magazine covers). -Sheila Commercial Tactic We will also establish a commercial campaign evolving from the same premise for our print campaign emphasizing ambitious women and their various roles throughout the twenty-four hours of their day while connecting them with JCPenney. These commercial spots will be shown on television and will also be included in rich media online advertising. Amazing Women Promotion (in tactics) You all are well aware that women do amazing things. They face many extraordinary challenges and solve problems every day. But in busy and stressful times, it is easy for a woman to forget just how special she is. We have created a program to remind these women of how amazing they are. This campaign will showcase that JCP knows the significance of what one woman can accomplish. It is the perfect combination of recognition, pride, and sense of community. People will be invited to participate in this promotion by submitting stories of admiration for the women in their lives. JCP will then produce videos and initiate SEO conversations to give the audience a glimpse into the extraordinary lives of everyday women. This will go viral. To increase interaction, people will be able to vote, like and comment on their favorite and most admirable stories. From this, the top picks will have the opportunity to tell their story on national television. OR___ There will be testimonials, videos, SEOs, branded media partnerships, and community driven events to support the recognition of the amazing things these women do.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia

Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia
Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia
Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia
- Iklan Internet
- Murah Efektif
- Indonesia
- Berkualitas

Indonesia memerlukan Iklan Internet yang murah meriah namun berkualitas dunia maka daripada itulah, Siapanya blog dari sekian banyak yang mengikuti Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear SEO

Throughout the semester my writing has both improved and changed. I have never been a poor writer, but there were many things that I was unaware of before I entered this course. Some of these things were minor mistakes that I have merely been overlooking in my past writing courses; other mistakes were major ones that determined not only the organization of my papers, but also the clarity of them. Fixing these mistakes has not been easy and I find myself repeating them sometimes. This is not because I do not care to fix them, but simply because I have made a bad habit out of them. In my first essay, written on my connection with a childhood toy, the baby doll, I had a lot of trouble using specific evidence to back up my opinions and my perspective on things. At the end of one of my paragraphs I wrote, “Taking care of the baby doll was a major chore and a lot to handle”. Afterwards I did not go into details as to how taking care of this toy I played with was a chore or what made it hard to handle. Yet when it came to my second essay which described an advertisement, I did much better. I used specific examples and details from the ad that helped to support the points that I made throughout the essay. During the course I also learned how to fix my technical mistakes. Often times I used passive voice instead of active voice. For example, in my third essay which compared and contrasted the two television shows Grey’s Anatomy and House, I wrote “Every episode is revolved around one particular medical case” instead of saying, “every episode revolves around one particular medical case”. When I did my revision I made sure to fix this mistake and also look for the same error in other papers. In this same essay I also made the mistake of using second person instead of saying “the viewer”. I realized that I made fewer of these errors in this third essay than the first two, yet I was still having some trouble with them. Because of that I paid closer attention to this mistake for the fourth essay and did my best to fix the problem. This third essay was also the one that I did my major revision on. The first draft that I handed in was decently written, but it was unorganized and it did not contain enough contextual background information. Because of these errors I received a “C-” as my grade. In order to fix this, I added examples from specific episodes and provided detailed analyses in order to explain them and their relevance to my thesis. Along with the need to add more background information, the peer revision that I was given showed that I also needed to add more transitions in order for it to flow better. I fixed this and also rearranged the paragraphs so that they fit more coherently. It was also suggested that I reinforce my thesis more throughout the paper. To correct this mistake I added more examples and showed why the personal drama with the two shows that I talked about was the main appeal, rather than the medical issues that the show dealt with. Another problem that I realized I kept continuing to make was the irrelevance in some of my paragraphs. This was clear in my first formal essay which talked about a childhood toy. I was writing about how I can now look at the situation I had with the baby doll in a new perspective because I am older, and how I can now handle things more responsibly. I then go on to talk about how I am a cheerleader and being a part of a team has made those responsibilities come out: but there was no direct connection to the point I was trying to make. At the time I thought that it worked well with the essay, but now looking back on it I’m glad that in my later essays I focused more on relevant information instead of ones that do not make sense. As far as major improvements, I have fixed my technical errors the most. Along with now knowing when to use active versus passive, I have fixed other mistakes as well. I no longer use conjunctions. I had a big problem with that because I was so used to writing informally and not having anyone correct me on my mistake. The use of conjugations makes a paper seem less informal so I learned to look for them more carefully when checking over my work. My use of pronouns also improved. In my first formal essay I started a paragraph with “This later on reflected my avoidance and timid reactions to infants”. To start a paragraph that way, using the word “this”, made what I was talking about very unclear to the reader and also made the paper confusing in general. Little mistakes such as these can truly make or break a paper. If I focus on being more specific with my language then the quality of my writing will improve dramatically. Another technicality that I had trouble with were citations, and they were especially a problem when it came to writing the third essay. In this paper I talked about specific examples from different episodes of the shows that my paper was based on. Due to the fact that I am a big fan of these programs, I myself did not need much refreshing when it came to knowing and talking about specific examples. Yet I often forget that I need to write my papers as though the reader has no idea what these shows are about. Therefore I need to cite the sources and go into detailed explanation about the examples I am providing. I have to make the reader feel as though they have been watching the show for years. As a writer I believe one of my strengths is often my grammar. It is very rare for me to have spelling errors and I have been pretty consistent with my correct comma use and semicolon use as well. My main weakness as a writer is the lack of precision in my writing and also my informal language. I have gained a lot more knowledge on how to make my papers more concise. And I also learned that just because you are being concise does not mean that you have to state one thing and move on to another right away. It is okay, and correct, to analyze what you are talking about. The way I used to understand it was that analyzing was simply giving more examples. Although it does include backing up your point with examples, you also need evidence and opinions and references that help support your point. There is a lot more to being a good writer than I once believed. It is difficult to take the criticism and try to fix it and turn it into something positive, but looking back on my revisions it has made my papers much better.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Best Plugin WordPress

Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) is most important for getting listed your sites in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask . If you use wordpress then you may be familiar to wordpress Plugins. Here is list of Top 5 WordPress Premium SEO Plugins
Features Of Smart SEO (Search Engine Optimization – WordPress plugin) The easiest way to optimize your wordpress website for search engines! Settings – Here you have: Autocheck current post Autocheck timing – in seconds Title separator (default – ) Seo title position – in admin post listing Show smartSeo score On plugin deactivate – remove all current settings on plugin deactivate. Reset to default. SEO rules and settings. Keyword in title tag Keyword in Title tag – close to beginning Title tag 10 – 60 characters, no special characters Keywords in description Less than 200 chars.Google no longer relies upon this tag, but frequently uses it. Keywords in keywords Less than 10 words. Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body. If not, it will be penalized for irrelevance. NO single word should appear more than twice in the Meta tag as it is considered spam. Google purportedly no longer values this tag, but others do. Keyword in alt text Should describe graphic – Do NOT fill with spam Keyword density Individual keyword density 6% – (each keyword/total words) Keywords in H1, H2, H3 Keywords in font style – In strong, bold, italic, strong. DEMO / DOWNLOAD WordCompress WordCompress is a premium plugin designed for SEO and improving user experience and website performance. WordCompress is a compression and cache total that takes the existing code layout of a WordPress blog which includes CSS files, JavaScript files and HTML code. WordCompress will then minify all the code by deleting comments, whitespaces and compress the entire code into a single executable line. External and internal CSS and JavaScript files are also compressed. WordCompress has a cache system which means that before the user loads any of your blog pages; tags, author pages, posts, categories and the homepage – there will be a compressed updated version ready; WordCompress automatically updates in the background whilst your making new content and changes. WordCompress improves your rankings for PageSpeed as our software is automatically built to comply with the latest PageSpeed factors. SEO UI and UX Benefits Download time reduces about 45% File size reduces more than 80% Extra spaces, lines, and comments will be deleted. DEMO /DOWNLOAD NOW xCommenter is a powerful SEO WordPress plugin that will post unique (spun) content to your posts and pages and pings all the major RPC + search engines after the comments are posted. This will add unique content to your pages, entice user interactivity, and improve your SEO efforts by making your posts and page content fresh and updated when crawled by Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. - What xCommenter does: xCommenter will automatically create comments on your blog posts and WordPress pages. It does this by analyzing the post title, content and tags to determine find relevant Yahoo Answers comments and questions. Optionally xCommenter will then run the content through a powerful content spinner API to make the content more original and unique to improve quality. xCommenter then can approve it’s own comments if you wish, and once a new comment has been made xCommenter will then optionally PING the updated page URL to all the RPC Ping services listed within your WordPress Admin panel, getting the updated page crawled and indexed quickly and more frequently. All of this is done on auto pilot. DEMO /DOWNLOAD SEO Auto Title Suggestions Features Full automated Keyword research Compare Keywords Shows how many websites compete for a keyword Easy and Fast installation All languages supported This plugin gives you full keyword research power right at your fingertips while writing your post titles. It changes the way you write your titles: Enter a keyword related to the posts topic. Click on “Show Suggestions” You will now see a list of related keywords plus the amount of competing websites for each keyword. You choose a keyword with low competition and use this in your post title. DEMO/DOWNLOAD Key Features: Easy to adapt in your wordpress site All colors can be set in plain css OOP based SEO (search engine optimization) optimized. The biggest advantage over other full javascript or flash solutions is that the tiltles and descriptions from the video’s are placed into the source of the page so it can be retrieved by the search engines All scripts are well documented and uses shortcodes Checks if youtube video can be embedded Works in all major browsers DEMO/DOWNLOAD